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Management Team

She thinks that different styles of art have their own characteristics and personalities.

Therefore, she does not limit herself in specific style, but she try to discover different kinds of beauty and presents various styles to the others. Besides, she also thinks there should be awareness on environmental protection while focusing on the design in her job. So, energy saving should start from family. Through interior design, the designers can raise the environmental protection awareness to their client and contribute to the earth.

Annie Low

Art Director

The founder of Apieceofart, Belle believes that art design is borderless, passion, creation and determination are the factors in putting up one own’s taste and living style.

Belle Lam


As a Decorative Interior Designer, Enya helps to select and place decorative elements to suits the ideal sense of space to determine the style and feel of a client’s home. She works within the budget to bring a space to life that aligns with client’s personal style. The art of interior decorating is to works hand in hand with interior designers to accomplish space design that maximizes visual appeal and aesthetically pleasing.

Enya Goh

Decorative Int.Director

Maintaining balance in between design and construction is crucial towards creating the ultimate art piece at the comfort of our living space.

Alan Tham

Project Manager

Interior Designers

“Reality is when you say it is, make your dream become reality.”


Driven by the passion and motivation for success, he aims to deliver the coveted interior spaces according to clients’ needs by providing optimal solutions and ideas.

He places clients’ satisfaction at the top of the agenda.


A detail-oriented person who conceptualize sketches into beautiful and functional spaces. Yee Chen believes that every type of design exists to solve problems.

Understanding house owners’ needs while focusing on the aesthetics is one of the important keys in designing.

Yee Chen

A dynamic, creative and enthusiastic interior designer who is fascinated by the interior and architecture design which unleash her passion for innovative designs solutions.

She enjoys the journey of designing a space and always believe a good planning creates a flow throughout the entire space and provide convenience for people to work out of.


With 12 years experience in interior design, Alfred specialises in transforming empty spaces to modern and cozy environments for comfort and work.

Alfred Liew

Having being in the industry for 12 years, Louis thrives on importance of understanding customer needs, living style and habit in creating a practical and user friendly setting for customers comfortability at home and work.

Louis Ong

About Us

Founded by Belle Lam and Annie Low, Apieceofart provides borderless design, created by passionate, award-winning designers with their own sense of the most up-to-date living styles. Our track record and designs will speak for itself. It’s more than just interior designing. We make your homes, offices, restaurants – just about anything you need into a real piece of art; timeless and classic while keeping with contemporary styles. We are an interior design firm that creates aesthetically pleasing with practical functionality spaces that fits our clients’ vision and requirements. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to transform your vision to life.

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